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Tissue Paper Supply World Updates

Tissue World Trade Conference Miami

       North America's Largest Tissue Paper Supply Exhibition opens its doors this week! Part of the international Tissue World portfolio established since 1993, Tissue World Miami is the 9th edition of Tissue World trade show and conference in North America, bringing over 200 exhibiting companies and 2500 visitors together.  

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Designed for business leaders across Tissue's diverse value-chain, the Tissue World Miami 2018 conference program will identify and examine diverse variables that can make or break company fortunes. Combining and connecting the complex web e-commerce tissue paper supply of interactions, from shifts in global trade and trends to tissue market, Attendees range from tissue manufacturers, jumbo roll suppliers, converters, retailers, wholesalers, agents, brokers for the Tissue Paper Supply.

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Away from Home Tissue Paper Products

About one-third of the tissue market represents use "Away From Home," in commercial and industrial settings such as office and government buildings, hotels, schools, airports, amusement parks, hospitals, highway rest stops - anywhere restroom and kitchen facilities are not in a private home.

Most Away From Home tissue products are bought by building owners, institutions and janitorial services directly from distributors.

The products are usually bulk-packaged and often tied to marketing specialized dispensers that encourage brand loyalty.

Competition usually revolves around price, compatibility with dispensers, and ease of replenishment.

Increasingly, government agencies, university campuses, school systems and hospitals, among others, are specifying recycled content or FSC certified tissue and towels.

The U.S. federal government requires that any tissue products bought with its funds, either by its agencies or by contractors, grantees or any other federally-funded purchaser…